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Caroline | A Kansas City High School Senior Session

She sent me a Facebook message and I squealed. Out loud. No kidding. Caroline is a SENIOR? In HIGH SCHOOL? I couldView full post »

Welcome Home Captain Lopez, and the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade! {Fort Sill, Oklahoma Homecoming Ceremony}

Welcome home to Captain Lopez and the 31st ADA Brigade here at Fort Sill! Most of you know this already, but homecomingsView full post »

Welcome Home SSG Ruzicka and the 761st EOD Company! {Welcome Them Home Fort Sill, Oklahoma}

4 weeks before James deployed, Samantha asked me to photograph their reunion. Isn’t that the mind of a militaryView full post »

The Facebook Profile Picture #whocares

Listen, people have probably said worse. This is not a personal attack on me at all. It’s really a simpleView full post »

And Then There Were Three {A Glimpse At Life As A Bertolino}

It seems like just yesterday we were all (impatiently) awaiting Baby Bertolino. My photographer heart went pitter-patterView full post »

Playing Nicely With Others : Why It’s Vital To Network

My first photographer “friend” had me believing that every other photographer out there was a mean, secret-View full post »

Welcome home 1LT Womack! | Fort Sill, Oklahoma Military Homecoming

When Fort Sill welcomed home the rest of 1-14 this month, Allison and Elijah welcomed home the missing piece of theirView full post »

Workshop Model Search | February 15, 2014

I am on a search for a family to model for an upcoming DSLR 2 workshop! Please read this blog carefully, and if you fitView full post »

The most unusual “Thank You” I’ve ever written

Today I received a blessing in disguise. Someone left a little nastygram on my professional Facebook page. While thisView full post »

Welcome Home SPC Daniel! | Fort Sill, Oklahoma

I showed up at Rinehart Fitness Center on Fort Sill with my camera in hand and no client. The homecoming ceremony for 3-View full post »

Why I don’t aim to be “reasonably priced”

Don’t worry, this is not another photographer listing her expenses and justifying her prices blog. Whew. Now thatView full post »

Welcome Home SSG Gwinn! | Welcome Them Home Fort Sill

I helped Sherri, Caisen, and Mia welcome home their Soldier this evening! What a blessing it is to be there for theseView full post »

Hudson and Family

I titled this blog “Hudson and Family” because honestly, this kid steals the show! Happy and adorable, weView full post »

If You Give A Photographer A Camera

Have you ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” , “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” or &#View full post »

And Then There Were Four

Late Friday nights laughing in the front yard, (certainly the other neighbors think we’re nuts) having a few beersView full post »

An Untitled Blog.

I’ve thought about this blog for almost a week now. Usually I write my thoughts on a topic as they come, but IView full post »